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What REALLY Motivates People in Today's Society? Research "May" Prove It is Not What We Have Always Believed!

What Are ALL the Elements that Drive Us to Do More???

The factors that motivate adults in the present day are not ONLY those that we traditionally attribute to motivation, such as more money - there are other influences on motivation for a large percentage of the population you may never have considered! 

Watch this video and/or animation which both summarize Daniel Pink's research which show what ACTUALLY does motivate people in society today, in addition to rewards and consequences. 

This information is detailed in his book, Drive, and once you understand the considerable research behind his point, you will understand his ideas completely !

I have just finished reading this book and it is extremely thought provoking. Every point Pink makes is backed with valid research and examples that prove how the rules of motivation have changed for many. 

While there is hard scientific evidence for all of his points, as in many books, does this REALLY mean that the rules of motivation have TRULY changed???