Executive Functions, Intelligence(s), The Learning Process: Effects of the ADHD spectrum, acquired brain injuries, epilepsy and seizures, and many learning disabilities have on these essential functions of the human mind

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  • Executive Functions
  • Intelligence(s)
  • Learning
  • The ADHD Spectrum & Executive Function
  • Acquired Brain Injuries
  • Epilepsy and Seizures
  • Various Learning Disabilities
  • Learning & Coping Strategies
  • Cognitive Diversity

One must first understand what the executive functions of the brain are, how they differ from what we commonly think of as "intelligence", and how these skills interact with the learning process as we understand it today. This includes many other crucial ideas that affect each of these elements.

Once this we have a good concept of these ideas, we can begin to see how cognitive functions are affected within the ADHD spectrum, which includes all subtypes, acquired brain injury, epilepsy and seizures, and specific learning disabilities. These effects have a substantial impact on how those with these disorders learn, their intelligence(s), and their outcomes on traditional I.Q. tests.

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