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Jonathan Mooney's Inspirational and Hilarious Thoughts on Dyslexia, Intelligence, Being Different, and ADHD

Jonathan Mooney speaks on his life and his disabilities, including the problems with the way most people perceive differences such as these. He also shows how proved everyone wrong who predicted how he would turn out. This is an excellent speech in which Mooney MAKES incredibly important points!

What you Need to Know About Jonathan Mooney

Mooney grew up dyslexic and had extreme learning disabilities in a time when these problems were not acknowledged and helped on as broad of a scale as they are today (and we have a long way to go!). He learned to work with his differences and succeeded in college, making cognitive diversity his passion and life goal.

About His Books and Speeches

His books, as well as, his talks are funny and inspirational. He gives practical and knowledgeable advice to anyone who has or deals with those who have conditions that create brain "wiring" that makes them learn or function different from the "norm".