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ADHD and Learning Disabilities: A Completely Different, but Much Better, Perspective on Treatment!

The 1st of several very informative TED talks about ADHD, learning disabilities, and other mental disorders, such as depression, that provides a new perspective on these conditions, why we view them in the wrong way, and why they are treated in the wrong manner.

This is an outstanding, interesting, and quite entertaining talk by David Anderson from Caltech.


Hyperactive fruit flies are helping researchers learn more about ADHD and learning disabilities, along with better ways to treat these disorders in ways that minimize or completely eliminate any side effects.
Researchers, while working towards a better knowledge of ADHD, and the learning disabilities that often exist with this disorder, are studying both intensely to determine the processes that regulate
What This Video Explains
In this video, Professor David Anderson from Caltech, explains that our current understanding of ADHD, learning disabilities , and other mental disorders, such as depression as  "chemical imbalances" in dopamine, noradrenaline, or other neurotransmitters is not a correct description. He explains that by studying a strain of hyperactive fruit fly (Drosophila) we can study the different nerve pathways involved in ADHD and learning disabilities. This helps provide safer and more effective treatments that target the specific sites and receptors in the brain, rather than flooding the entire brain with drugs.