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Passion and Motivation: The Real Doorways to Deep Learning, Intelligence, and Genius

Scott Barry Kaufman explains why passion and motivation are extremely important, but overlooked, factors of deep learning, intelligence, and true genius.

  • This is only one of the many ideas Scott Barry Kaufman clearly explains in further depth through his research, writing, and from reflecting on his personal life experiences

  • When one writes, reads, and deeply looks into a subject, concept, or anything that has personally & deeply affected them (change that order around any way you want), you can bet that the outcome, whatever it may be, is completely engaging and spectacular on many levels. 

  • This talk, is a sample of Kaufman's fully sourced ideas from his latest book, which is just that. Especially for those of us who devour more information about the reality of the traditional I.Q. test, its history (ouch), and the realities of how it is being used (good and bad) in today's society (which so many educators and non-educators already know ) and need someone like Kaufman to put it into researched backed "prose."

  • Kaufman is a cognitive psychologist, an adjunct assistant professor of psychology at New York University, who has spent a great deal of time researching and investigating the development of intelligence and creativity. He received his doctorate in cognitive psychology from Yale University in 2009 and received his masters degree in experimental psychology from Cambridge University in 2005, where he was a Gates Cambridge Scholar. 
  • He writes for Scientific American Mind and is on the editorial board for two open access journals.In his latest book, Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined, he explains with detail, research from a diversity of sources, and personal experiences, his personal philosophy and approach to individual achievement. This road to achievement includes not only one's genetic ability, but their level of engagement, motivation, and personal goals. The video above is another explanation of deep learning, intelligence, and true genius which ALL factor in for one to achieve personal success. He knows this from EXPERIENCE not research. Yet, the research from WAAAY BACK through today is there and spelled out for you on each page. I could not put it down. I have also read it again.

  • If I had been wearing a chearleading outfit I might have gone down the streets of Tarrytown, N.Y after making up a cheer for Kaufman and his ideas (that's where I was when I read it). I sure talked about it enough - I'm not sure if anyone there for my Uncle John's 80th birthday knew what I was referring to or not - it was busy.